Entwicklung bei SolidbikesDevelopment at Solid Bikes and Reverse Components is handled by company owner Peter Schmid himself, as well as by qualified engineer Matthias Reichmann. Both have pursued their passion for mountain bikes for more than 20 years and specialise in the field of downhill. Moreover, “Matse” has been an active, licensed downhill racer for more than 16 years and has been developing his own downhill frames for 10 years: it would be hard to find somebody who could still teach him anything in this regard.

Peter has led a successful team of downhill World Cup professionals, which includes major players such as 2011 German champion Benny Strasser.

The developers immediately subject all frame and component prototypes to intensive testing on our home trail, the Bad Wildbad downhill course, as does the World Cup team, on the most rigorous World Cup tracks.

We do all the developing ourselves – so we can experience the thrill of riding the most awesome bikes on earth.