1. Can I order the offer with different parts or wheelset sizes than those offered in the shop?
Unfortunately not. The bikes can only be ordered as shown in the shop, or as a frame kit.

2. Which spring stiffness or air pressure is installed in my strike as standard?
The rider can specify his or her body weight and desired setup (normal or stiff setup). We will then do our very best to provide the ideal setup for you based on these specifications and our in-house experience.

  • Summary table shock setting Strike (recommended air pressure or spring rate)
    The values in the table correspond to the sag at the rear wheel. 60mm is the target value.

  • By default installed spring stiffness
    - S/M 300LBS
    - M/L 350LBS
    - L/XL 400LBS

3. Is there additional information on the geometry, technical details and size recommendation?

Die owner´s manual for Strike / Strike Evo can be found here!

4. Isn’t the Cane Creek shock absorber difficult to configure?

Your shock absorber will be configured to fit the rear end of your Strike and to suit the body weight you specify.

5. Has the geometry changed since the previous year?

6. What kind of headset will I need?
1.5“ with a nominal diameter of 56mm for the lower frame cup and 49mm for the upper frame cup.

7. Will my ISCG05 chain guide fit?

8. Can I install my ISCG05 with an adapter?
This should be avoided. This is extremely bad for the chain line, since the adapter has to be seated very far outward (due to spacing problems with the hole pattern of the ICG05 and the bearing points of the Strike).

9. What frame size will I need? “I am 1.75 and like to ride big frames – should I get the L/XL right away?“
Probably not, since the Strike is quite large anyway, and M/L is already a large frame.

10. I would like to ride with 650b wheelsets, but with the rear end set short. Will that work?
The limiting factor here is the size of the compensating reservoir. Only Cane Creek Doublebarrel Coil or Marzocchi Moto shock absorbers will fit in this setup.

11. I would like a short rear end (26” setup), but would still like to have the pedal bearings in the lower position with the flatter 62° steering angle. Can you recommend a combination like this?
It is generally possible to ride like this, but the combination of a long rear end + flat steering angle OR a short rear end + sharp steering angle is preferable.

12. Can I ride the Strike as a single-speed? I don’t like having a derailleur.
NO, chain elongation which happens with almost all downhill bikes, requires a compensating element (like a derailleur) to be installed. As long as this is ensured, there is no reason not to use it as a single-speed.

13. What brake adapters will I need?
The mount on the Strike is a normal IS2000 – the adapter will have to fit to the desired brake disc size and be suitable for the IS2000.

14. The way the shock absorber is positioned makes it get dirty when riding. It must get stuck when too much dirt builds up on it, right?
No, because the piston rod remains in constant motion during downhill riding, so the shock absorber will not fill up with dirt. Special stainless steel shock absorbers are highly resistant to dirt.

15. Is there a fender for the shock absorber? Does it come with a new bike?
This mud fender is already included at all Strike models (worth € 29.90).