Tightening torques

The first rule in the bicycle repair is: after firmly loosens!

To prevent damage to delicate aluminum or carbon parts and to check the firm and secure fit of the screws it makes sense the screws with a torque tightening tool. It is important to remove the screws in advance, to ensure the proper torque.

Too resistant suit can go unnoticed breaking carbon fiber and the stability of the attachment parts is no longer ensured. Bolts of parts made of carbon should therefore be tightened with a torque wrench.

Following we present to you courtesy of Bikecorner24 a list available in the You can read the current guideline of the tightening torques and tighten your screws accordingly:

Handlebar / Stem

  • Handlebar: 7-9Nm
  • Shifter: 6-12Nm
  • Brake lever on the handlebar: 3-6 Nm depending on the model below
  • Ahead Claw: 2,5-3Nm

Caution: clamps, in which carbon fiber parts are used must be free of lubricants.

Cranks / Bearings / Pedals

  • Pedals: 30-34Nm
  • 2 piece cranks Reverse Legend: 44Nm
  • Bottom bracket shells Reverse Legend: 35-50Nm
  • Chainring bolts steel screws 12-14 Nm
  • Chainring bolts aluminum screw 8-9 Nm
  • Crankbolts-ISIS Drive Truvativ 43-48Nm
  • Crankset Hollowtech II (XTR / XT / DA 10x): crank clamping screw on the hollow axle 12 Nm
  • Bottom bracket shells left / right, Hollowtech II (XTR / XT / DA 10x) 45 Nm

Derailleur / front derailleurRear derailleur: 8-10Nm

  • Derailleur: 5-7Nm
  • Cassettes mother: 29-49Nm
  • Kettenblattschrauben: 8-11Nm
  • Schaltzugklemmung: 7Nm
  • Derailleur hanger to frame Strike 3 Nm
  • Derailleur hanger on the frame Magix 7 Nm

Brake Dis

  • Disc on hub: 4,5-6Nm
  • Disc Caliper: 6Nm
  • Disc brake lever and SRAM / Avid 6Nm
  • Disc brake lever and Shimano 6-8Nm
  • Disc brake lever and Magura 4Nm
  • Brake hose to lever Magura 4Nm
  • Brake hose to lever SRAM / Avid / Shimano 5-7Nm
  • Brake hose at brake caliper Magura 6Nm
  • Brake hose at brake caliper SRAM / Avid / Shimano 5-7Nm
  • Screw the reservoir cap Shimano 0,3-0,5Nm
  • Screw the reservoir cap Magura 0,6Nm


  • Cassette on Shimano freewheel / SRAM 30-50Nm
  • Thru Axle Strike under 16-18Nm
  • Maxxle thru axle Magix under 15Nm
  • Axis clamping Strike 10Nm
  • Achs-lock screw Strike 5Nm


  • Damper screws (with plastic bushings) Rock Shox 17-22Nm
  • Damper screw (with aluminum bushings) CaneCreek, BOS, Manitou 20-25Nm


  • Seat clamp clamping bolts (bracket to frame) 7 Nm
  • Seatpost to saddle (2 bolts) Kalloy 8Nm
  • Seatpost on the frame Quick Release 7 Nm

These are only guidelines, please consult the manufacturer for detailed information!

All statements without guarantee!