Warranty provisions Solid Bikes

You have a 2-year warranty (according to law) on your brand new Solid Bike (frame and  frame parts).

Exceptions are all wear parts:

  • Bearings
  • Cables & cable housing
  • Lubricants & brake fluid
  • Chain, sprockets & chainring
  • Brake pads & brake discs
  • Tires, grips, springs, bushings & seals

There is a 90 days warranty for these wear parts.

These warranty periods apply to first owners, starting after the sales date. Exceptions to warranty are mechanical damages or chemical damages. We reserve the right to fix defect parts professionally or to replace them with current or succeeding models.

Extra costs like assembly, transport and so on aren’t included in our warranty.

Warranty claims are invalid:

  • if there have been changes of surface coating or re-coating without our written consent (paintjob removal, powder coating etc.). – These changes can impair the performance of the material. In this case we don’t give any warranty.
  • in case of wanton destruction we won’t give any warranty as well.
  • in case of misuse of the bike.
  • in case of damages through wrong mounting or assembly of non-fitting parts.

After the warranty has ended, we are offering fair deals for crash-replacement.

Our frame Crash-Replacement    

Mountainbiking took a huge step forward in the direction of gravity sports. We all love to ride trails and downhill tracks – pushing limits!

Some of these extreme riding situations can unintentionally cause pressures which no frame can handle. If you had an experience like this with one of our bikes, let us know, because we offer a Crash-Replacement program for our costumers.

That means you will be able to buy a new frame by special conditions, if your old one is beyond repair. In this case give us a call or send us an email with your story of how you broke the limits of man and machine. After contacting us we will send you a fair offer for your individiual needs.

Our Crash-Replacement program is not limited to a standard of 3 years like for many other companies. We will assess each case individually.

Ride Solid!

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